Terms of Service

Last Updated: August 8, 2021

If you do not agree with any of these Terms of Use please do not use this site. By using this site you will are irrevocably agreeing to these terms. Read these ENTIRE terms closely.

Use of this site, projectroach.com (“ROACH”), is limited to individuals 14 years of age or older. Do not use this site if you are 13 or under.

When you submit content to the ROACH website, such as pictures, comments, texts, posts, or any other material, you are agreeing to the below terms through your use of the site:

1. Ways You Can Use the Site

You can exercise your right to free speech (protected by the First Amendment in the United States) when using this site. You may share your thoughts, views, comments, stories and opinions with others, however, there are certain limitations to the First Amendment. In order to ensure you are exercising your rights under the First Amendment appropriately, you need to follow the below requirements:

a. Anything you submit to the site must consist of true facts. You are the author, and if you publish false statements, you can face serious civil and/or criminal liability. If you are posting your personal opinion, it should be clearly indicated that it is your opinion. Otherwise, the posts should only contain facts.
b. The content you submit to ROACH should contain all important details, and not leave out any details that can be misconstrued by the reader. It must be fair and not misleading.
c. When you post on the ROACH site, you are representing and warranting that your post contains factually true information, and nothing illegal, such as misrepresentation or invasion of privacy.
d. We will protect the identity of our users fully as allowed by law, but there are exceptions, such as if we are served with a court order or subpoena. You should provide your true name and email address, though using a pseudonym is fine.

2. Ways You CANNOT Use the Site

The following points are just as important, and you must follow these as well:

a. You will not write defamatory, illegal, or false information. As mentioned above, you are the author, and you are responsible for the legal repercussions of your own words.

b. You will not post anything that violates other people intellectual property rights, such as trademarks or copyrights, etc. (copyrights, etc.).
c. You will not post any obscenity, pornography, nudity, including “revenge porn” or anything of that nature.
d. You will not use vulgar language or profanity.
e. You will not post threats of violence or threats of harm.
f. Do not post images of minor children except when relevant to the story, such as a kidnapping case.
g. You will not post anything that is hate speech, such as attacks on others for their race, their religion, their gender, their sexual orientation, or any disability.
h. You will not bully or harass anyone. Criticizing a point of view when necessary should be done using restraint and common decency.
i. You will never encourage self-harm of any form.

3. You Grant Exclusive Rights to ROACH by Posting to ROACH.

When you post on ROACH, you grant us a worldwide, exclusive, perpetual, fully paid, IRREVOCABLE license to use, copy, perform, display and distribute the information and content, and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such information and content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing.

By posting to the site, you represent and warrant that the Content you submit is an original made by you, and/or that you own or control ALL of the rights in and to the Content that you post, and the rights you grant to ROACH through this license, and that these rights are and will always be free and clear of any claims, rights and obligations. Also, you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant to ROACH the rights granted to us in this license, that you do not require consent of any third party and that there is no contract with any third party that could in any way interfere with the rights granted to ROACH through this license, or that there is any payment required to be made by ROACH to anyone, at any time. You expressly waive any moral rights to the content which are now or may in the future be recognized by legislation or at law or in equity, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

4. How Complaints Regarding Content Are Addressed.

ROACH has sole discretion to remove any content that it feels is illegal, inappropriate, shockingly offensive, or vulgar. We may comply with valid court orders. To be clear, nothing in these Terms of Service is a promise to remove any content at all. We will also remove any content that doesn’t belong on this site. Do not bother sending requests to remove content unless you have a valid court order proving the content is fake or false. If you have a problem with the content posted to the site, you are responsible for resolving the problem in court between yourself and the author of that post. You should not name ROACH as a party to any case, because ROACH is making clear by its Terms of Service that the content posted is the sole responsibility of the author.

ROACH does not verify for accuracy any of the content posted to the site, such as comments, texts, pictures, or documents, and so we cannot ensure the accuracy of them. The content posted on ROACH may be rumors, assumptions, opinions, and speculation, and because we do not verify the information, the information could be incorrect. ROACH does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any information or opinion on this site. ROACH also does not adopt or endorse the opinions or views of users expressed on this site, or any site that may be linked to ROACH.

5. ROACH is not Responsible for Unlawful Content – The User Is!

All posts to this site are the opinions of other users, and not those of ROACH. ROACH simply provides the platform for users to post their opinions, and ROACH is not responsible for, nor does it verify any opinions and/or content submitted by users.

6. ROACH Complies with Copyright Laws.

ROACH complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, also known as the DMCA, under U.S. Federal Law 17 U.S.C. § 512, et. seq. If you see your copyrighted material on ROACH without your permission, let us know by sending an email to projectroach@protonmail.com, and we will address the copyright infringement pursuant to the Copyright Act (i.e. if it is not considered Fair Use). When sending us an email for a copyright takedown request, you must ensure that the request includes all information required by the DMCA, such as: your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address; a description of the copyrighted material that you claim to be yours and used without permission (the infringed-upon work); the EXACT location, such as URL or web address, to locate the infringed-upon work, with a very detailed description of the work so that we may easily and readily find and identify it (this is important, because if we cannot find it/identify it, we cannot ensure proper review or it may delay our review); a statement confirming that you did not grant authorization for the work to be used; your physical or electronic signature; and a declaration that the entire DMCA take-down request described above, including that you are the copyright owner, is true and correct, under penalty of perjury. YOU MUST ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH THE DMCA REQUIREMENTS, AND THE AFOREMENTIONED SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PLACE OF PROPER RESEARCH TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH THE DMCA.


7. Parental Control Protections are Available

This website may be considered an interactive computer service, and this section serves the purpose of notifying you that there are services available to you to help limit access to materials that could be considered harmful to your children, or minors, generally. Check out https://www.safewise.com/resources/parental-control-filters-buyers-guide/ for a list of commercially available tools to help control the content minors can access. The Safewise,.com website above is mentioned only as a relevant article/resource to help you find available options for Parental Controls, and ROACH does not have any relationship with Safewise.com or any of the products mentioned in that article.

8. These Terms are a LEGAL Agreement between you and ROACH.

These terms are not meant for and shall not be enforced by any third party or third parties; these terms are a legal agreement between you and ROACH only.